Essential guide to smart goals
Essential guide to smart goals

What is a Goal?

The goal is the idea of future actions converted into desired actions. Goal setting it should be relevant and very crucial to someone who does have an idea how to set goals and be consistent on that should give a taste of victory.

SMART GOALS: Why do goals matter?

Setting a goal is challenging. Not everyone sets goals not everyone wants to challenge their life. Not many of you set meaningful goals, and sometimes it can be even difficult to see the value of setting SMART goals everyone wants to go with the flow & not setting goals is comfortable there are no potential risks.

Setting SMART goals helps you to track progress and measure the period of time you have been working.

SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely these attributes will help you to track everything you do by applying this method will enable you to break your goals accordingly to manner.


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How to set goals:

1. Specific-

If you want to become an engineer or doctor, you have to specify your terms to proceed and what type of outcome you will get. There should be a pain point to do something, what challenges did you overcome, and how it teaches you to become the best version of yourself.
In your mind, there should be questions such as.

  • What are my limitations?
  • How can it achieve this, what should be the plan?
  • Why do you want to achieve a goal? What you are trying to prove to the world?

2. Measurable-

In order for the goal, it should be measurable. Somehow you need to set a deadline in your workplace whether you're in the workplace or at home, you strictly set your time limit for your work. From this, you'll know to achieve success and know whether you attain your objectives or not.
Ask yourself questions,

  • How fast I am able to finish work?

  • What measures do I take to know that I am successful?

3. Achievable-

As humans, we set higher goals for yourselves or from our relationships, but the truth is we only set goals but never try to accomplish them. I'm not here to demotivate you, but people are lazy even I am lazy, but I set a target in that day or month what I'm trying to achieve from measuring my task's completion.
Therefore, consider this-

  • How can I achieve this goal?


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  • How the goal is realistic?
  • What motivates you to achieve a goal? What's behind the story of your goal?

4. Relevant-

Whom do you want to achieve the goal? It is your goal that is relevant to your company that you are trying to solve. Your Goal should be used in other work or your personal project, this thing will help you to your ultimate target.
Ask yourself,
  • Is this goal worthwhile?
  • Will it help in the future?
  • Does my goal align with the ultimate target of my life?

5. Time-bound-

As every goal needs time to succeed if you need a certain time frame that you are trying to achieve this goal. Every goal needs a time frame to measure the tracking process. From time management and project management, you'll attain in time to tell yourself a deadline for remaining work.
To set up time,
  • Is the deadline is realistic?
  • How can I break the milestone into a realistic checkpoint to measure the time for each task?



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