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Simple guide to Timeboxing

Simple guide to timeboxing, timeboxing
A simple guide to timebox
Every person on  the earth thinks that I want to schedule my day most people do and others don't but what most people will do that they think, but they don't commit to their ideas. They don't want to get up from their bed and start what they want to do.

Most successful people manage their time and tasks efficiently through the time box because time is wealth.

It is a very helpful technique to practice self-discipline and complete the most important task that you have to do.

What is timeboxing method?

Many people approach daily tasks without deadlines or time management. That's why timebox is the method that encourages people to do it and complete the task in the given period.

In simple, word Timebox is a method of plan, and act evaluation.

Timeboxing is the time management tool that you can use in your daily life, and you can do it very efficiently with your alarm or any application that you install into your pc or mobile.

Timebox is the action to evaluate the given time for a particular time task and complete it between you reserve a time.

How to Use Timeboxing to Schedule Your Day

1. Select the task you want to do 

2. Select the time slot where you are more creative and productive.

3. Plan your day according to your time duration and task. What time do you want to give your specific task?

4. Set a rule that until time finishes, you'll never work on another task.

What are the main benefits of timeboxing?

1. You are scheduling your daily life.

2. Setting a deadline gives you a sense of completeness.

3. Improve your task predictability.

4. It avoids unnecessary perfectionism.

Apps can help you with timeboxing :

 For timeboxing, there are a few apps that can increase your focus and concentration level,

1. Google calendar, we can use Google calendar to schedule our day for 24 hours and fix certain time periods for a specific task.

2.  App you can use is that alarm, fixing a time for a task, and working towards your goal is the best to engage in an emergency.

3. Timer that we have on our mobile and PCs. Simply, put time duration for only work you want to focus on.

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Resources :

1. Timeboxing: A simple & powerful technique to improve your productivity (Spica)

2. A guide to timeboxing (lucidchart)


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