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 How to be discipline monster

Struggling to get discipline routine watch this
Abhishek Patil life blogs | image celebrity : Eddie hall

People are always looking for shortcuts, if you ant a hack, you won't find it here.

Discipline is a freedom, it is a pain and pleasure to achieve a goal and become the best version of you.

Discipline is the root of all good qualities.

So do you want to become discipline as fuck and serious as fuck then read following points that I've research for you.

What is discipline?

Discipline is the driver of daily execution, 

Core principle is overcoming laziness and lathery and excuses

And if you want to take the easy road, it won't take you to where you want to be stringer, smarter, faster, healthier.

Where does discipline come from ?

Discipline comes from within, it is an internal force, a fire inside your heart that tells you have to work.

There are many people like me give you resources and many gurus and drill and coaches help you to get discipline, but you need to realize it's your life you need to control it.

So first  you need to become is self disciple.

The term self-discipline comes from self, it implies oneself  when you take self decision to make your life better.

Make decision, commitment, and embrace cold and be relentless.

How to become more discipline :

1. Dedication :

Dedication can move mountains.

You just need to know why you need to be discipline and confidence to do execute your learning into work.

Simply, dedication is a commitment to only performing a task.

It's like committing into one relationship that makes you happy.

2. Actions :

Your luck doesn't shine every day, the storms that you are hiding are coming,

Be prepare, there are time when night will be long and cold, and you will be alone.

What will you do?

Coping and not taking any action? No!

Don't let it consume you, prepare yourself, to take action, if you want to complete your assignment then do it and don't let your focus drown until it's complete.

Be in a destroyer mode!

3. Feed yourself :

So you already finished your work?

Then what take some break, small breaks, small naps that will give you more energy to do more.

Become stronger mentally and physically that no one can near you!

Be unstoppable! Do some workouts, shape your body. See hell in your workout, 

Eat your protein and reward yourself with some Netflix and chill stuff, but don't overdo it!

Will make you into dopamine controlling loop, makes you stronger and healthcare.

Conclusion :

1. Make decision, commitment, and embrace cold.

2. Define why, create goal and start your work.

3. Be in destroyer mode, complete your work by doing smart work.

4. Take small naps, recharge yourself, get sunshine, do meditation.


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