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 Importance of imposter syndrome and tips to get rid of it

Why some people feel like fake all the time here the way to get rid of it
Imposter syndrome : What is it & how to get rid of it

Ever heard the Imposter syndrome? No need because today we are going to learn what is imposter syndrome and how you can get rid of it by realizing, 

Ever felt like you don't possess the knowledge that take you that long in your life?

You don't acutely don't deserve what you have accomplished in your life.

This feeling called imposter syndrome and psychologist called it as imposter phenomena.

According to PMC Labs starts around 9- 82% of people are dealing with imposter syndrome where they experience this syndrome for limited time.

Around 21% of women stopped themselves for taking into the meeting in fear of imposter or having lack of knowledge.

What Is Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is the idea that you are succeeded by luck or not doing anything.

Imposter syndrome is the internal experience that believing that you are worthy of any  happy causes that happen in your life.

Those who have Imposter syndrome are often perfectionist, they always get disappointed by achieving 99% of success and 1% sabotaging of not achieving the final goal.

The term first use by psychologists Suzanna Imes in 1970 after realizing most women feel into that syndrome.

Common signs :

1. Attributing your success based on luck and external factors.

2. Sabotaging,

3. Overachieving goal.

4. Self-doubt on your skills.

5. Setting big goals and feeling disappointed in end after not achieving.

6. Fear of not living on your own expectation.


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How to identify ?

In over certain period of lifetime people realize they lack something, and they trust their skills even I sometimes do but from now on you going to be as confidant as me 

here is an assessment to check that imposter syndrome by psycom,

If you think you have imposter syndrome, ask yourself this questions,

1. Do you attribute your success to outside circumstances?

2. Do you often agonize by your small mistake? 

3. Do you feel incomplete without a specific person in your life?

4. Having low confidence in your skill or expertise? Find why!

The negative thinking, self sabotaging, victim mindset will affect many life areas uncertainly.

How to get rid of it?

 Imposter syndrome called as whom have low self esstem and confidence,

Imposter syndrome occur when someone repeatedly accuses or abuses over certain period of time which makes his or her thoughts to look like they don't have a skills and expertise regarding that topic.

Change your thought process, recognize what thoughts are wandering inside your brain and to reframe it by positive sentence or thought that support your belief system.

1. Share your feelings :

Share you're feeling to your loved ones or friends who encourage you and support you with every decision you take.

2. Question your thoughts :

Whenever you get a negative feeling or thought regarding any situation, ask your self question that is it correct thinking, whether your thoughts are rational or not!

3. Don't hold yourself back :

Even if you feel that you don't belong where you are don't stop, don't stop pursing your goal, it is the only way to get out of your imposter syndrome.

4. Stop comparing :

Comparing yourself with other people can lead you to more damage to your thought process. Every one has different timeline of their life.

Take charge of your life, compare yourself with your yesterday self and measure your progress.

Conclusion :

You can reframe your thoughts the only différance between those who have imposter syndrome and those who have don't is the one who how you see challenges and accept.

And most importantly, control social media intake,

we as a human develop feeling of inferiority and consider everything real what you see which create feeling of low confidence that you think we can't achieve that thing based on how they achieved.

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