Which Time Management Principle Addresses Procrastination ?

 3 Time Management methods to learn :

Which time management principle addresses procrastination
Time management tips

Nobody wants to waste their time doing what they don't like, so what do successful people do? 

They set time proprieties for each task they get in their hand.

But how do they manage time so efficiently that they become masters at time management.

The 3 things I have found common to most successful people are that make productive and energy-efficient at every task they do, they will get an immediate outcomes.

Time management can be challenging, you need to know what is urgent in life and what is the most important thing in life (Long term)

Things I focused on,

  • like going to the gym isn't urgent now! But it is significant in the long term

  • Eating refined and packed foods is not bad, but in long term, it causes fat build-up and chances of intermediate diseases. 

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Things you should do to improve time management

1. Eliminate half work :

I'm in the middle of watching Avenger movie on the Amazon prime app and suddenly my WhatsApp group messages pop up, and it increases drastically I started wondering what topic my friends are talking about?

After I looked up their messages which is not important, I realized that I leave my movie in half

This method is half-task,

When you are doing work you have a habit of checking Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram which is taking your time to do think fast

Even you can finish your work in less time, you take more than the necessary time to finish your work by doing Half-task.

Whenever I started to do work I completely silent my phone, or sometimes I leave it in another room 

Which is a complete elimination of distraction work.

2. Use timeboxing/time blocking :

 Timeboxing method is easy to execute in practice,

When I want to start some work or task that requires a small amount of time but no distraction and no multitasking, I use my timer to schedule my time for that specific task.

The rule I follow when I'm doing my timeboxing,

1. If I don't complete my task in the given time, I should close when my timer is up.

2. Not looking at social media platforms.

Time locking is a similar way to block your time for something special that you want to do in that time period in your Google calendar.

3. Do the most important task first :

Doing the most important task as soon as you are done, your morning routine is the best way to go ahead with your day.

As your day goes by, the ability to make decisions and complete tasks lowers, where your chaos comes in after not doing what to do.

I find it useful when I do the most significant task of the day and later day I don't regrate my work-related problem,

If you do the most important task first, you'll never have a day when you complained about your schedule.

By following this simple strategy, you will end up having a most productive day.

4. Bonus point: Reduce task scope but stick with it

James clear the author of Atomic habit says sticking to your habits is one of the crucial tasks you should do even if you hate, in long term, it will give you the visible outcome of consistent work.

Even I find it when I realize that working out 6 days a week in the last 3 years isn't important, so I reduce the scope of workout and continue with 4 days a week.

This strategy will help you to determine what task is more important and what task you should focus on.

Conclusion :

There are hundreds of apps for productivity and time management like timer, reminder, calendar, tasks, and Notion.

But in order to be efficient, you need to focus on these 3 simple things,

1. Eliminate half work.

2. Use timeboxing/time blocking.

3.  Do the most important task first.

4.  Reduce task scope but stick with it.

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