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Overcome procrastination with 3 simple methods:

What is Procastination and brief steps to stop procrastination
What are Procrastination  | IMDb: John wick- 3

 “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.”

People want to know how to stop procrastination, they want to know how to stop laziness and start doing,

People have the idea inside their brain, and they don't even aware of it, they are scared, they fear of starting up.

Many people don't know where to start to get things going forward,

Then when is the best time to start?

The simple answer is, start Now!

Why do people procrastinate?

Willpower is often the leading factor to procrastination, whereas intrinsic motivation to not do things provides the greater advantage to being a procrastinator.

1. Decision paralysis :

In today's world, we prioritize freedom and independence for every person where the no of opportunities is infinite, we get bombarded by so many things.

By this, we get demotivated by doing things where we have so many options and can't find any specific thing to do,

TO avoid this, we have to link our vision to our personal values and belief that going to motivate and help us in long run to achieve success.


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Ignoring The Value of Time.

When we were born on earth unfortunately we know we are going to die soon, we have finite and limited time to live on earth.

Many people manage their own time to get what they want from life because the belief is that time is the greatest commodity that we have, no money.

Utilizing time is the best thing to avoid procrastination.

How to stop procrastinating 

1. Personal vision :

Personal vision is one of the best tools to work around when you procrastinate,

Personal vision helps you to focus and manage your skills and time, it will help you move forward and avoid activities that make you tired and unproductive.

Understand what is your desire that will keep you disciplined throughout your journey.

2. To-do list :

A To-do list is the best way to make a small daily habit to your completion of tasks,

A To-do list is the writing down your task throughout a day and completing it on a particular set of times,

As a human, we tend to frustrate that how many tasks are incomplete now how can I do this.

But a to-do list helps you slowly move forward.

3.  Meeting With Myself.

Meeting with yourself is the best when you want to measure your efforts and output,

Pick a time in a day to ask yourself what I have done in a day that helps me succeed in the long term?

Big leaders regularly say that talk to yourself, and you will find the answer.


Relaxation is not procrastination-

Do not confuse yourself with procrastination and relaxation, procrastination is when you aren't doing anything still you feel exhausted and drained,

On the Other side, relaxation helps you recharge yourself to do more.

We Work Better under Pressure-

Working under pressure help to knock as many tasks you are pending for a long time,

but on the other side, it will make you more frustrated, angry, and guilty to not working when you have time.

Own your time and do work!

Conclusion :

Procrastination is not a mental illness, but if you control what you are doing by scheduling time and tasks, it's easy to get rid of procrastination.

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