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How to improve productivity- why should think about it.

What Is Productivity? Why It Matters & How to Measure It
Abhishek Patil life blogs

The way of Productivity called efficiency. In career context, you should be able to learn to measure output from input units.

Let's see example that I have a book of 50 pages and I completed writing on 20 pages where I always do this to every book, but when I use all my 50 pages every time when you use all efficiency.

To get what you want you in life you need to be productivity, then how you should be productive?

You need to plan your day ahead by scheduling tasks and making to-do lists.

What is Productivity?

Charles Duhigg writes "making certain choices in certain ways" this genuinely makes our day to merely busy to productivity in a day.

Brian Tracy the author of eat that frog says "first do what most important task complete" 

And in order to do this, you need to find out what's the most significant task for you to do in a day.

Being productivity is being consistent and stable, not doing many tasks and finishing hastily.

Simple Ways to Be More Productive Every Day : 

1. Manage energy :

If you notice that we all have time but most importantly you need to assess where you're energy you are putting and how may energy you are putting in certain task that makes your best work complete. 

Turn off your mobile :

Turning off mobile would be a nice idea, apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok.

The best documentary on social media I recommend you to watch is The social dilemma.

This task will eliminate your most of the useless task that's draining and wasting your energy and time. Now you get sense of clarity that what you want to do with your life.

For this, Read our Introspection : Philosophy and psychology to gain insights on how to ask yourself questions. 


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2. Use Right Tools :

Using the right tools for your day you need to find best tools that makes you efficient,

We know that productivity is 80% Psychology and 20% mechanics, we need to work smart in order to achieve financial success.

Learn more on tools to manage your day, Simple guide to Timeboxing. 

3. Develop warm up routine :

My morning routine start with 2 glass of water and meditation for and 15-20 minutes to get clear thinking on what my day looks like. 

After this 1 hour of body and weight workout in a gym and later doing some breathing yoga, this is how I warm up for a day.

Everyone has a routine, you need to know what you need to kick-start your day,

Additionally, pre warm up help you to overcome lack of motivation and get things going quickly as possible.

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