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Who is Abhishek Patil?

What is Abhishek patil life blogs and its purpose
Abhishek Patil

Abhishek Patil is a mechanical engineer by profession and by heart, entrepreneur and creative person who loves to share his life teaching from blogs and various mediums.

He is a passionate about rocket science, NFTs, blockchains, and Ar and VR technology that help humanity grow and develop faster.

What is Abhishek patil life blogs ?

Abhishek patil life blogs are the channel where you get all productivity knowledge, time management, motivation, and decision-making blogs up to date.

And recently we are working on to bring you a book that will give you all insights on how to make yourself a better life.

Why Abhishek patil life blog's name?

Since Abhishek patil is the owner and blogger of this blog and where he teaches what thing he overcome in his life and provide valuable life lessons to other persons,

So he came up with an idea of life lessons where he called Abhishek patil life blogs.

What is the aim of Abhishek Patil life blogs?

Aim of the Abhishek patil life blogs to teach young and old people about the things that they are unaware or haven't recognized it in their life or finding difficult to overcome it.

At life blogs, he teaches Western Productivity and eastern spirituality to get prominent knowledge of life.


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What is the vision of Abhishek Patil life blogs?

Vision of Abhishek patil life blogs is to see teenager to get freedom from various life problem by doing the best things to them such as overcoming procrastination, time management, and many more.

What is the purpose of Abhishek Patil life blogs?

The main purpose of Abhishek Patil life blogs to get free from depression, and anxiety.

The pain of starting this blog channel was Abhishek patil suffered from depression alone.

For more than year when he is studying mechanical engineering due to kts and betrayal by friends he learns the way of life and realize that nothing is more important as family.

And started giving knowledge of how to get rid of depression and anxiety.

Now Abhishek patil is the Alpha man where he knows how to lead the person, group, or company to achieve great results by precise decision-making ability.

The one who sees the hell only one can make heaven

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Connect with Abhishek Patil to learn more :

Facebook : https://www.acebook.com/ipatilabhishek

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ipatilabhishek/

Quora :       https://www.quora.com/profile/Abhishek-Patil-831

LinkedIn :  www.linkedin.com/in/ipatilabhishek

Twitter  :     https://twitter.com/IPatilAbhishek

Blogger :    https://iabhishekpatil.blogspot.com/

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