9 Habits To Know That Will Make You Better Entrepreneur

how to stop bad habits,Bad habits
how to stop bad habits

We all have bad habits, But sometimes it overconsumes us by doing excessively, Now the next question we get is how to stop bad habits.

Not a to-do list is far more effective than a to-do list because it gives us the sense that what's not important, and we should avoid doing such a task that gives no better results and upgrades our performance.

The simple reason what most entrepreneurs think while putting in work is what I don't do determines what I can do.

In this blog, we are going to look at nine bad habits and stressful work every Entrepreneur and employee does at work.

The points followed by detailed description so lasered focus on 1 or 2 things at a time, Now let's start with bad habits of an entrepreneur.

1. Do Not let people take your time :

Do not let people take your time, simply means short your conversation nothing matters more than your family, work, energy, and time, stick with your no.

Stick with "what's up" rather than "what's going on" when someone calls you, the big thing successful people learn is getting things on point when you are ultra-productive in your work.

This is how you start on how to stop bad habits.

2. Do not get calls from the UN to recognize phone numbers :

UN recognizes calls are a big no because who wants to feel interrupted when doing something significant, it's just unwanted distraction, 

Whenever someone calls you which is not worth talking about, let it text message you and furthermore let their call go into voice calls.

Some of us have bad habits, even me, that I answer unknown number calls and I later regrate why in a first place I take their call.

For this use Truecaller where you can unknown no registered name and how many times a particular number is a spam by people. 


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3. Don't email first in the morning and night :

Emailing first thing in the morning and in the night leads your brain to occupy the whole day to that particular scenario and in the night it will give your brain insomnia and brain chatter.

First thing you should do something critical task which occupied your brain to work,

The best time to email is before launch and 1 hour prior to leaving work or office, which can give you time to respond to another person.

4. Do not work more :

The bad habits of entrepreneurs are to work as much as you can, but it is just helpless and seems urgent.

If you ain't prioritize, everything seems overwhelming and urgent, and you can't even do a single task, If you decide what's the most important thing to do in a day that will prioritize everything.

If you want to prioritize your time, check out the Time management blog where you learn all types of time management tools that help you become more productive and effective.

5. Expecting adding more value brings happiness :

If you know the Pareto principle, doing 20 % of what works and is influential will give 80 % of the results.

Such as in the world only 20% of people hold true wealth which is nearly 80% of the wealth

This represents that doing less work and adding little value is worth more than adding a large amount of value 

Check out the Pareto principle, where I have to give you in-depth full detail about the Pomodoro principle that helps does quick action on your task.

6. Fast Decision-making :

How to stop a bad habit of fast decision-making?

Many of us are very smart and have cutting edge intellect to solve problems and come up with new solutions to problems,

However, if entrepreneurs don't know why they are solving the problems, they will gas out and effort will be lost.

So it's better to make your decision-making slow and avoid this bad habit,

Similarly, Follow the Eisenhower decision matrix to make an important decision.

7. No meetings without clear agenda :

Why is very important to start with what you want, if you want to make it less difficult of meeting write down questions or topics you want to clear.

Meeting should be remained to minimal amount of time and make most out of the given time.

8. Don't carry an electronic device for 1 day :

As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to be aware of what's happening around the world and the marketing of products and services.

Tim Ferris says he took one day off every week from his electronic devices and spend a rest day with his family, which is a bad habit of most entrepreneurs,

Tim recommends that "leave the phone to home when going out for dinner".

9. Time Elimination :

Time eliminations methods are crazy when you applied them in real life there are Pareto law, Parkinson law, Eisenhower decision matrix, Timeboxing worth for beginners to start their daily task.

An Important aspect of Time elimination is setting a deadline to a given task, which is how you achieve a given task.

Most important if you focus on (MIT) most important task which will move you from your comfort zone with setting deadlines that it would be unstoppable.

Many entrepreneurs' bad habit is that they work until they draw off their energy, but it isn't a case that moving you forward.

It's hard to do all things simultaneously, but it is also important how to stop bad habits,

James clear in atomic habit says improving yourself 1% every day makes you 37% more improved than last year.

Conclusion :

Now you know how to stop bad habits as an entrepreneur, the things you'll do in a day makes you the ideal entrepreneur you want to, it's hard to perform every task which I have given above simultaneously, but it's best to do it when you want to succeed.

Above 9 Bad Habits are critically correct, when we apply one at a time every day, we become less distracted, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

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1. How do I stop slipping into bad habits?

As a human, you are not aware of your habit, so if you want to stop bad habits take small steps that are manageable, find the solution of what is the cue that triggers your craving, when you find out the trigger and overcome your trigger, be kind yourself and give reward after overcoming your trigger.

2. Why is it so easy to pick up bad habits?

Our brain works on a feedback loop called trigger and reward. This means whenever you find the behavior reward you keep continuing that behavior.

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