How I Developed The Power Of Habits by 800+ days of Consistency

The power of habits, Good habits of students
The power of habits

1. Start with an incredibly small habit. 

Good habits of students struggle when they start a new habit, students often say they lack motivation or willpower to do so,

But when you know if you use willpower throughout the day it will get exhausted it just like a muscle, but discipline count most when you want to build new habits,

If you want to start reading books or making a website start small do 10 min task every day for up to 2 months then you can add up more time into it when your progress in it,

Make it so easy that you can do it so easily. 

This is the power of habits, successful habits.


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2. Increase your habit in very small ways.

As you know, the power of habits gives the best returns when it comes to students and professional's careers

One percent improvement in 365 days gives 36% effectiveness in building a better life.

Some bad habits will be like starting something great and amazing at the start, but things don't work that way,

But along the way, when you realize, that small habits will increase your motivation and willpower daily.

3. As you build up, break habits into chunks.

In building yourself for the long run, successful people often try to break habits into small chunks of bite,

Successful people are good at breaking habits into small, such as if they want to read 50 pages a day first they break 50 pages in the day into 5 sets of 10 pages a day.

 It is easy as most people think it's difficult.

 Building up stamina for 25 minutes of running? Try running for 5 min into 5 sets at first.

4. broke the habit? get back on track quickly.

It is ok to that  some commitment or procrastination broke your habit by 1 or 2 days but it shouldn't be more than that,

later successful people track their habits daily, the good habit of students will be to track their daily good habits in notes or sheets.

Later you will know what bad habits are causing downward growth, 

After failing, take some time to reflect on what happens that prevents your habit from happening, what emergency do I face when making a habit?

5. Be patient

last but important be patient, miracles don't happen in a short time,

It takes a long time, persistence, perseverance, and consistent discipline to get success.

If you are adding some pounds on your deadlift, you should add some weight first and then move forward to high weight.

Resources :

1. The Habits Guide: How to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones (James clear)
2. 25 Best Habits to Have in Life (Entrepreneur)
3. How to Start (and Keep) a Healthy Habit (WIRED)


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