10 Unpredictable Ways to Know Science of Motivation to Stay Motivated

 Learn the Science of motivation to stay motivated:

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 Science of motivation

The science of motivation is intrinsic, however, you can find it by extrinsic events that inspire and force pushing yourself.

Motivation is what everyone seeks and get in order to get your work in order,

So today we are going to see the Science of motivation and self-motivation techniques which will help you stay motivated all day.

Ten ways to find motivation and be motivated. :

1. Understand you're why :

Sometimes don't know why we are doing things. We don't know why it is important to do this thing. So for understanding, you're why you need to clear your behind purpose for what you are doing. So be clear about what you want to do.

The science of motivation is to understand your why and pinpoint the goal.

There is a great book Simon Sinek wrote Start with why.


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2. Define your goal :

Define the Goal Smartly, so you can learn and execute things more easily,

Apply Smart Goal Smart is an acronym of specific being specific and being measurable and actionable task and be relevant to your goal and T represents time-bound. 

Science of motivation set SMART GOAL.

3. Set a clear Vision :

If you want to succeed, you want to clear it. 

The science of motivation is to create a clear, compelling vision. Sometimes you can resonate with it or you cannot. Your mind tells you that it is not your thing.

You need to move on to the next goal, but we really want to do this thing. Then you can be motivated all day long. 

4. Produce a Plan :

Science of motivation of plan is to stick with it,

So once you have a goal in a place or on a sheet of paper that you can write it out by making a few points or a bullet list of what you can do, 

Above you see there is a four-step, that leads you to a bigger reality. As you know, it's just a dream until you take action to move towards your goal.

5. Keep positive thinking :

How can you become more positive to become more positive? Write it down, all positive thoughts of your goal in your future that link with your goal. So this will help you to make choices that lead you to the goal accomplishments.

The science of motivation for being positive is to find the relationship of what you take positively and find it easy to learn.

Be an optimist, they learn more things quote from Brian Tracy

6. Break goals in tasks : 

Breakthrough goals into a manageable tasks, so it is one of the most important things that successful people do. That is the ability to break your goals into measurable tasks and small measurable and short-term goals. So keep it manageable.

7. Power of Deadline :

As I said, that deadline is more essential than anything. So if you put your goal into a deadline, so you can put your maximum effort into that timeline to achieve that goal. So it is an easy way to stay motivated all day long or all week or a month.

The science of motivation of deadline pushes you to the threshold limit of yourself.

8. Stop Multitasking :

It will affect your Productivity levels.

If your attention is not correct, or you can't focus on one task at a time, you have to schedule your work, so you can't lose your focus.

And when you do, your chances for success, go way up.

The eight-point is if you seriously wanted to stay motivated for a long time, you can watch a movie, web series, listen to music while doing some non-significant or nonpriority tasks,

so it can help you to stay motivated and enjoyable throughout the whole task.

9. Reward yourself :

When you complete your task or anything that you took a very long time. Reward yourself with anything that will encourage and motivate you to do more things.

Build a reward System reward Completion system that will help you to complete more dreaded tasks in the future. 

10. Visualize : 

One of the Science of motivation is Visualization is a powerful technique that can help you to focus and stay motivated for a long time. To achieve your goal by creating what you see in your mind. 

What you can see in your brain help you to achieve these things. So remember motivation is an intrinsic part.

It starts from the inner. It starts from within and finds what works for your motivation.

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