How I finish 9 hours of work in 6 hours using Pomodoro Technique?

Learn step by step process to apply the Pomodoro technique :

Pomodoro Technique
The Pomodoro Technique
What is the Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro technique is one of the best time management skills invented by Italian Francesco Cirillo in 1990. He named After his technique to a tomato shape timer where he used to work in his university.

He uses a Simple Methodology that breaks a larger task into small tasks and time intervals where he called them "Pomodoros".

This technique tricks your brain to focus on a small duration of time and meet a deadline easily. This usually gonna increase your attention span too.

The Pomodoro technique is a cyclic method where you go through repetitive work and you are constantly productive.

How the Pomodoro Technique works :

1. Pick up any Assignment or task you want to get done.

2. Set a timer of 25 minutes to get your work done.

3. Work on the task until the buzzer song came after the buzzer takes a 2-3 minute break.

4. Tick on your paper that you have finished your session 1.

5. Repeat.

6. Complete your 4 sessions ie. 25 min * 4 sessions = 100-minute duration

7. Take a long break after 4 Pomodoro sessions.

The longer session break means 15- 20 minutes to refresh Yourself, Do whatever it takes to achieve that state again, You need to get recharged to start another task.

From using this technique timeline for a week you will achieve a lot throughout your workday.

The technique is ideal for small work such as Writing, Designing, Coding, Studying.

Although the Pomodoro technique is very useful for those who are easily get distracted. from the distraction part, you all get the question such as how I'm going to apply to Pomodoro when I get a call or meeting invitation?

So first and for most it's distracting, If the upcoming task is important drop your task visit immediately.

If the upcoming task is less important and can wait for call it when you finish your work and schedule it.

How Effective Is The Pomodoro Technique?

I use this technique when I gotta complete my task in the morning. The reason is that I'm more fresh and focused in the morning.

When I start my task set my Timer to 25 minutes with more than 3 sessions where I start working to finish my task in all sessions, it's a journey where you get a reward doing work full of focus.

If you have a high attention span then I would suggest you move your technique to 25 minutes to even high ie. 60 minutes. After all putting in all work eventually gives more relief and less frustration of the deadline of a task.

How to get started with the Pomodoro Technique?

Since we all know the Above technique uses a Timer, countdown, or Alarm to Execute our task.

But I have encountered that many apps provide Hassel free methods to get used to the Pomodoro method, Here are a few to consider,

1. Freedom

Freedom is a Productivity app where it can block websites and its notification to keep you undistracted.

You can start free with just an email where you can experience a free week trial period.

2. RescueTime

ResueTime is a Productivity app where you set your daily priority work. It's an Award-winning app where it helps you stay focused and motivated.

Since You have all Playstore where you get all Time management technique supported applications or else you can use Google timer.

So it's by my side if you find Our Pomodoro technique blog share with your friends and family, But remember the technique is known by its work not by what timer you use.

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FAQs :

1. Why is Pomodoro 25 minutes?

Why are Pomodoro 25 minutes for beginners? The reason is simple As humans we procrastinate and have less attention span so 25 minutes can work well for beginners.

2. How many hours can you focus on in a day?

I suggest Rather giving long hours to Pomodoro technique put a small number of hours worth 25 minutes into 4 sessions, but if you are advanced you can put 4 hours of focus in a day.